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Marjolein Innemee


Marjolein Innemee

Tekenen / Schilderen / Keramiek

Innemee works in commission and on a regularly base she creates independent works, for instance the ‘Scheldeportretten’ and ‘100 years Air Flight Holland’. You can purchase her work in galleries and at the art library. You can find her drawings weekly in newspapers. She makes illustrations for the newspapers Volkskrant and Trouw. Exhibitions in the Houses of Representatives in The Hague, OBA, New York400, Barcelona, Oerol Terschelling, ArtUpdate Amsterdam and Dijken van Wijven. Since 2009, you can buy her work in her gallery and artist studio in Amsterdam. Open by appointment.

Expo adres:
Johan v Hasseltweg 21 - De VerbroederIJ
1021 KN Amsterdam
06 1224 8083