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Paméla Maria

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Paméla Maria


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Paméla Maria (1965) has been drawing ever since she was a child. She studied classical arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hasselt (Belgium) and obtained her certificate in 1983. She then studied Industrial Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven. In 1990, she received a starting grant from the Dutch Government via the Mondriaan Fund for the further development of her work.
She lives and works in Amsterdam Noord. Her work is on show in solo and group expositions internationally at gallery’s and art-fairs. In Holland she is represented by ExitArtAmsterdam and Cube Gallery. She also works on commissions.
2021 program:
*February: participating in “Bank Art Fair Singapore” with exhibitor AHC Projects, Hamburg.
*July/August: solo exhibition at Galerie Azur, Spa, Belgium
*September: solo exhibition at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Chelsey, NYC
*September: solo exhibition at Gallery Artifact, Orchard street, NYC

About the work:
Paméla makes abstract geometric paintings and collages like assemblages.
Like many Dutch painters before her, the beauty of the Dutch landscape is an important source of inspiration. And in that tradition she examines the relationship between (the Dutch) landscape and abstraction in her own 'handwriting'.
“my eye is caught by details in the (urban) landscape, whereby color and light on the skin of things is characteristic of my translation of reality. Colour and more specifically colour shades, play an essential role in this process. Something I intuitively but especially investigative use, whereby compositional structure takes place in the contrived tension between geometric constructed surfaces and intuitive forms created."
The yarn picks up details, directs the eye and the seemingly flat surface hereby becomes a reliëf with multiple dimensions.”

Aanmelden via telefoon of email
Expo adres:
Papaverweg 113
1032 KE Amsterdam
06 1429 8169
instagram: pamela_maria_1234