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Paméla Maria


Paméla Maria


Paméla Maria studied classical arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hasselt (Belgium), obtaining her certificate in 1983. Then studied Industrial Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven, and graduated in 1989.
She takes part in (group)-exhibitions at galleries and art-fairs in Netherlands, Belgium, France and USA. She also works on projects for companies and private commissions.

The work:
The 'beauty of the everyday' and the theme “Nothing is what it seems to be” are leading themes in her work.
Nature is an important source of inspiration: zooming in on patterns, structures and light in the (urban)landscape. The works depict how these impressions slide over each other and yield new compositions with endless colour shades. Details where color and light on the skin of things is characteristic for the translation of reality. This is used intuitively, but especially investigative.
’For me, working is a changing process: from reality to geometric or expressionistic proportions. A process in which color plays an important role. The seemingly flat surface changes into a relief with several dimensions. The yarn picks up details, directs the eye and adds a third dimension’.

Expo adres:
Papaverweg 113
1032 KE Amsterdam
06 1429 8169
instagram: pamela_maria_1234