Studio Aldo Brinkhoff

Studio Aldo Brinkhoff

Interactive installations / design

Studio Aldo Brinkhoff focusses on spatial design and installation art. By creating spaces that play with perception, often with a poetic undertone. Through the use of movement, video, immersion or manipulation of physical space Studio Aldo Brinkhoff aims to wake up the dreamer in its participants.

Brinkhoff (1989) grew up at the Dutch theater festival de Parade. There he learned to react inventively to his environment and to let the audience actively participate. In this way he tries to make his art accessible for everyone. This reflects in much of his work. He created a mobile gallery in 2015 and is now working on a series of mobile small theaters.

In 2014, Brinkhoff graduated from the Theater School in Amsterdam as a stage designer. Since then he has participated in several exhibitions and has developed several own projects.

Expo adres
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 99 (Roetz-Bikes)
1021KP Amsterdam
06 2119 4450