Julia Filament

Julia Filament


Julia Filament (1994) was born in Ukraine, now lives and works in The Nederlands.
She came to the Netherlands in 2013 and started her own business here. Currently she works in her art studio in “De Fabriek” (a creative collective) and is a member of the “CBK & Art Office Rotterdam”.
Her work shows her interest in psychology and philosophy (which is the biggest source of inspiration for her), sometimes coloured by her own experiences. The relationship between people and their miscommunication in many ways becomes a subject for research.

At this moment Julia is busy exploring different psychological subjects, which is “an inexhaustible source of opportunities” for her, and speak about them through art.

Expo adres
Klimopweg 2
1032HZ Amsterdam

https://www.facebook.com/jfilamentart/ https://www.instagram.com/jfilament_art/