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Monique Jansen


Monique Jansen

Painting / Photography

Monique's paintings are like abstract landscapes. Taking inspiration from the weather in her home country​ The Netherlands, her main subject matter is of rain and reflections. Because when it rains, the world looks very different​. She loves exploring the mysterious world of shimmering reflective surfaces that appear during or after it has rained. Looking through a window during a rain shower shows the world without its sharp contours, shows colours that blend together instead of their sharp contrasts.​ It is this world that fascinates her. ​

Monique completed art courses in Tilburg, Zurich, and Freiburg and has exhibited at various locations in Switzerland. She has just moved back to The Netherlands and has set up her studio in the NDSM Treehouse, surrounded by (international) artists of various disciplines.

Expo adres:
NDSM Treehouse, TT. Neveritaweg 57-B-03
1033 WB Amsterdam

Instagram: monequ
Facebook: @artbymoniquejansen