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Eva van der Zand


Eva van der Zand

Glasblazen / Tekenen / Houtbewerking

On a houseboat in Tutti Frutti Dorp ( meaning “all fruits village”) a neighborhood behind NDSM in Amsterdam Noord there is a floating studio. In that studio works Eva van der Zand. The name Tutti frutti dorp fueled her imaginations how an aesthetic practice and botanical studies can merge. She shows a journey of breath, allergies, (t)issues, science, gender, pollen and the language of botany. She shows her work by glass blown objects, wooden structures, drawings and film. She will present a botanical milk bar installation where you are invited to come and taste plant milk made out of 6 different plants that all reproduce in a different way. Eva is an extremely sneezing person and her work is about her allergy for pollen, and from there she started to wonder: what does the air actually contain that we all breathe? She welcomes you to awaken your senses and exchange about the (t)issues around the air we breathe.

Expo adres:
Moestuinlaan 8
1036 KD Amsterdam

06 1232 6402