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FBVG is a visual artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Her main project is Faces of Rape, which she has been working on since 2009. The idea was to paint women who had been raped, and had come out in the media with their story. For having experienced rape herself, and knowing how difficult it is to talk about, she admired these women who wrote a book about their experience, or told about it in interviews in different media. She wanted to honour them by painting them, and while doing so, making the subject more discussable. There are 38 Faces of Rape now, which in January 2020 have been exhibited in Loods 6, Amsterdam. A catalogue is still available, in Dutch and English.

Since 2018 FBVG started another project: FeMale Image. It's about the image of women, and men, and how they relate to each other. And how this image reflects the ideas we have about women, and men. When our ideas change, the image will change, and vice versa. FBVG wants to show these crossovers.

In 2019 FBVG started dating, which led to her new project Faces of Dates, painted in 2020. The pictures that have been painted come from a dating app, and permission was asked for exhibiting the paintings online. The dates were of different backgrounds, coming from all over the world, but they all had reached a crossroads in their lives. So had FBVG, and there they met.

In 2020 the project Paint Your Pussy started. These are very small paintings of vaginas, based on the big idea of discovering the looks of your own body.
More attention for the vagina is needed, and one way to do that is to work on its visibility. This title is chosen to encourage other people to do the same.
In FeMale Image VII and VIII the vagina also plays an important role in the paintings.

Expo adres:
Zamenhofstraat 150/unit 338
1022 AG Amsterdam

instagram: fionabvg
Facebook: Faces of R.
Twitter: FBVG.nl