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Judith Segers


Judith Segers

Schilderen / Installaties

The contradiction between modern life ( civilization ) and conservative patterns is the main feed for my artworks. With emphasis on political, social and environmental issues. In other words.... Sharing my impressions of daily life through art ;) The artworks I make are sustainable, the materials are gathered by scavenging the streets of Amsterdam (or the city where I happen to live at that moment.) The found tr(e)ashure is turned into abstract expressionistic paintings and (interactive) installations. Because of the bold color use the viewers are at first glance attracted by the bright, colorful and happy nature of the work, while most of the underlying themes are rather dark and/or confronting. In this way the viewers can be challenged to look at their own way of life, or choose to bury their head in the sand and enjoy only the façade.

Expo adres:
Treehouse TT Neveritaweg 57 atelier N-01
1033 WB Amsterdam

06 2750 8889
Instagram: @artbykleinood