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Silvana Araoz-Fraser


Silvana Araoz-Fraser

Illustration / Embroidery / Painting

Silvana is a Colombian, Andes mountain, tropical woman researcher and artist, exploring existence and spirituality, focusing on the aesthetics of nature and body. She now lives in Amsterdam.

She studied fine arts at University de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia and learned Chinese calligraphy during her 2 year stayed in Bengbu, China...which consolidated her visual vocabulary and her unique way of seeing life from different perspectives.

illustration, embroidery, mural painting and screen print are the technics that she's currently using the most , her aesthetic has a solid and strong simplicity with which she's continually addressing metaphysical and philosophical questions.

Expo adres:
Zamenhofstraat 150 - Unit 408
1022 AG Amsterdam

06 2846 9881