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Nice that you want to participate in the Open Ateliers Amsterdam-Noord!

The organization will check your registration against the following conditions:

  • You work as an artist* in Amsterdam-Noord, Schellingwoude, Durgerdam or Ransdorp;
  • You have a professional workspace;
  • You have paid the participant’s contribution, namely € 75;
  • You contribute to the organization of the weekend (see tasks);
  • You provide all requested data for the accompanying catalog before September 5, 2023.

* We ask for a CV from artists who participate for the first time.

With your participation you agree to the following conditions for the collective exhibition in the Treehouse NDSM, inclusion in the guide and mention on the website:

Artwork details (due to space limitations)

  • 2D, maximum format 100 x 100 cm;
  • 3D, presentation on tables (available) or own plinth of max. 40 x 40 cm;
  • Video, presentation in consultation.

The Noorder IJ Art Foundation is not responsible for damage to or loss of the work during the exhibition in the Treehouse, transport and possible storage. Any damage to or loss of the work will be borne by the artist. The artist is at all times responsible for insurance of the work.

For inclusion in the accompanying guide, a good quality photo is required. If you have received confirmation of participation in OAN 2023 from us, we would like to receive your photo before September 5, 2023.


 Image and copyright

  • You declare that you are in possession of the intellectual rights of the registered work of art and the associated photo.
  • You give permission to show an image of your work in the guide and on the website without having to pay an additional fee.
  • You grant permission to the organizers to make recordings and images of your work(s) on film, video, photo or any other image carrier and to process these recordings in whole or in part in a visual product (program or publication) . You also grant permission to make these recordings and/or this product available to the public in whole or in part, regardless of the technical standards used or terminal devices required for the consultation of the content by the public and the technology used for this purpose, and this without any additional compensation of copyright, related judicial or whatever nature being due for this. The recordings/images can also be used for the promotion of the event and in all media.
  • You indemnify the organizer against any claim from third parties in this regard.
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